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Pension / Annuity Analysis

A pension is an essential piece to many people retirement plans. For many people understanding and deciding how to use these vital benefits can be difficult. Selecting the correct benefits and making decisions related to the valuation, and distribution of your pension  can be an overwhelming task for many.

Mistakes when calculating an employee’s retirement benefits can happen and can have devastating effects on the employee and their family. Proper valuation and management of retirement benefits have become an essential function of retirement planning. Most pensions are held in stocks, bonds, or other types of accounts that can be very difficult to understand.

If you are curious what your pension is worth, and how to increase the value, or diversify it; We can help calculate and assess the value of your retirement benefits and make a plan to increase the value of these benefits over time. We will make sure you have a clear understanding of your pension and make recommendations on long-term investments that will be best for your individual situation in the end.